1997 Overview

In 1997 Bash Street Co. became the first theatre company in Cornwall to have a Web Site and e-mail address. We have already received inquires from as far a field as Singapore and Korea on the Net.

We have not yet found a permanent rehearsal space so we have been unable to develop a regular programme of workshops. Penwith District Council has generously allowed us to use a building in Penzance, unfortunately this is only temporary and is unsuitable for public workshops. Having this rehearsal space has made a big difference to all the company members allowing daily practice and the development of new skills. Our series of circus workshops at Bodmin CP School, in association with the Cornwall Theatre Festival, proved very successful and, we feel, contributed to the overall success of the children’s Heritage Day parade.

In November the company enjoyed a week-long workshop run by Simon Edwards, of Kneehigh Theatre. This was seen as part of the company’s development towards the forthcoming production of ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame‘. This will be our first grant aided production, with assistance coming from the CTU, the Arts 4 E Lottery Express Award, and Carrick, Kerrier and Penwith District Councils.