2000 Overview

This year saw us performing throughout the UK from the Millennium Dome and Glastonbury Festival to Portside Live and Bodmin Festival.

The PollutAnts Strike Back!’ our 1999 summer show, was rewritten, re-costumed and re-rehearsed (with a new musician) for this summer. Jim McCormack, our new piano player, did a fantastic job creating a magic all of his own. We are looking forward to working with him again on the new show for 2001.

We have participated with the ACT ESF project and through that have developed a Business Plan, which has been extremely useful. We are already seeing the benefits with Penwith Council funding us for the first time with £4,000. We hope that this is the first rung of the ladder that will lead to the company receiving more grants from other sources. We also been working with Cornwall Arts Marketing and hope that we will be full partners on the next round of funding. We feel that CAM offers great chances for the development of live theatre in Cornwall. We have become very much involved in the restructuring of Cornwall Theatre Umbrella and have lots of faith that we will be able to turn it into a strong and exciting organization.

On a more personal note, JoJo and Simon are having a new baby! This will mean that JoJo will be taking a rest from performing in the summer show for a few years. This means that we will be looking for a new company member for the new show and that JoJo will be working in the office. To compliment this change of direction, JoJo is embarking on a Masters in Business Administration with the Open University.