City of Wings, Ypres, Belgium 7-9 April 2017

After an intensive month working on the new show Bellevue Hotel, it was a welcome break to focus on something different.
We spent a few days rehearsing CLIFFHANGER! then set off for Ypres and the City of Wings Festival.

It was lovely being on tour with the new young members of the company and to share in their excitement of their first international performance. This was a showcase festival and we hoped to get bookings for the summer, and possibly next year. The festival looked after us really well, and the audiences were wonderful. See the link below of us setting up the show.

I had not anticipated to what extent the shadow of the Battle of Ypres would still dominate the area, even after 100 years. We walked around the ramparts of this beautiful city then visited  the Menin Gate and the wonderful museum, climbing the tower for a bird’s eye view of the area. It was amazing to see how the surrounding landscape had been shaped by the war. There are still many circular lakes in the area formed from mortar holes from the First World War. It was a very thought-provoking, sad and emotional visit.

City of Wings, Ypres, Belgium - Bash Street Theatre

Menin Gate, Ypres, Belgium, City of Wings Festival, Bash Street Theatre

City of Wings, Ypres, Belgium - Bash Street Theatre

View from the museum tower in Ypres, Belgium, City of Wings Festival, Bash Street Theatre