January 2013

We’ve been bailing out by the container-load at our leaky premises here in Penzance , with rehearsals well under way for a new village hall touring show.

The New Year seems to have started as 2012 ended – very, very soggy. But at least it’s only leaks, and not floods that we have to contend with, so we are looking on the bright side. We actually thought of putting some leaky moments into our new show, but we couldn’t tell the real leaks from the theatrical ones, so we abandoned the idea.

There’s a bit more ‘realism’ about the new show, because it involves two performers looking back over the years, remembering the different shows they have performed in together. It’s called THE LAST ILLUSION, so let’s hope it doesn’t become too autobiographical or we’ll be putting ourselves out of work.

Looking ahead to the summer, we’ll be clocking up the kilometers as usual, with our silent-movie show THE STRONGMAN, which proved very popular at home and abroad in 2012. We have a 10-day tour of Normandy to look forward to; a visit to the beautiful city of Sibiu in Romania; a trip to Belfast; 10 or more dates in Germany; and enquiries also from Italy, Portugal and Poland.

Meanwhile, it’s back to rehearsals, and practicing pulling that rabbit out of the hat…