New Bellevue Hotel video for 2019!

Silent comedy, live music and a little bit of magic.

BELLEVUE HOTEL is a new, outdoor, family show set around a dilapidated, theatrical boarding house. It tells the story of the hotel landlady and her battle with the gangster boss of the neighbouring ice cream factory who is determined to buy her out.
But the landlady is no stranger to adversity, and when she realises her theatrical guests have some useful talents to deploy, they join forces and together they do battle with her nasty neighbour and his Demolition Men!
With live piano music, silent comedy, a touch of magic and some hair-raising action, BELLEVUE HOTEL is performed in the inimitable, non-verbal, comic style for which Bash Street Theatre has become renowned.
With two performers and a musician, the show features a two-storey hotel and balcony alongside the chimney of the ice cream factory. This provides several different levels on which the story unfolds, and where the Demolition Men wreak havoc in a dramatic finale.
Bash Street Theatre is an international company that has performed at major festivals throughout the UK and in 22 European countries, as well as in China, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Turkey and Egypt. Our silent-movie show CLIFFHANGER! was awarded the ‘Best Street Show’ prize at the Fira de Teatre, in Tàrrega, Spain.