Off to the Seaside!


Would anyone like to invest some money in a rundown boarding house in an English seaside town? It’s called  Bellevue Hotel (just a stone’s
throw from the promenade where’s there candy floss, toffee apples and sticks-of-rock for sale) and if you climb out of the window onto the first-floor balcony, stand on tiptoe and lean out around the imposing structure of the sweet factory chimney situated right next door, you might just be able to get a glimpse of the sea…!

Don’t worry, we haven’t gone into the real-estate business (or completely out of our minds) but we are looking for commissioners for our new street-theatre show Bellevue Hotel which will be available for booking from May 2017.

In this this new show we’ll be off to the seaside with our boaters, blazers, buckets and spades. We’re even taking our teenage son along for the ride to provide suitable piano accompaniment to our heartrending story which concerns the impending demolition of the Bellevue Hotel by a greedy property developer.We are currently applying for grants to finance the show, and will be presenting the project at the ISAN Ideas Summit in Bradford later this month. Please get in touch if your are interested in supporting us and/or booking Bellevue Hotel in 2017.Piano player
For more information about Bellevue Hotel click here.

Alongside this exciting new project, we will also be touring the new version of our CLIFFHANGER! – silent-movie show next summer. It features three young Bash Street family performers, and it was really well-received during a short promotional tour this summer (many thanks to the festival organisers who slotted us into their programmes at short notice, and gave us such positive feedback).

Inspired by the silent films of the great Buster Keaton, CLIFFHANGER! is a 45-minute silent-movie style show with falling buildings, dare-devil escapology, silent comedy and live piano music and is available for booking now.
For more information about CLIFFHANGER! click here – Video