On The Road Again…

We’re on the road again! We have a new musician…a new web site…and new road tax! and we’re looking forward to two-week tour in Wales with the very last of our Last Illusion show.

First of all, a big welcome to our brilliant new musician Louis King, who is joining us for the first time playing accordion in the show. We’ll be performing at schools and community centres in south and north Wales as part of the Night Out Young Promoters’ scheme run by the Arts Council of Wales. We have been involved in the scheme many times over the years and we always have a fantastic welcome from the Young Promoters.

Although it is officially autumn, we have had a wonderful week of sunny, summer weather here in Penzance, but poor JoJo has been stuck in the office working on our new website which went live last week. We’ve also been trawling through hundreds of old photos preparing a 25th anniversary photo gallery for 2016. It has brought back so many fantastic memories…but right now we’re looking forward, with planning under way for a new outdoor show. It will be called RENÉ AND RENALDO (drawing on the characters from The Last Illusion) and will be available for booking from May of next year.

And getting excited about paying road tax? Well, it might sound a bit odd to some people, but I have really missed our Bash Street Mercedes van which was mothballed for 12 months while we went on our trans-Atlantic sailing adventure. We have clocked up nearly half a million kilometres since we had the van from new in 2003. It has taken us north to Scandinavia, south to Spain and Italy, east to Bulgaria and Romania, it has never let us down, and is looking as shiny as the day it arrived (well, almost). So, thank you Arts Council. Your investment in Bash Street Theatre has been well looked after, and we are looking forward to the next 500,000 km ‘on the road’.