Stichting Straattheater De Ronde Venen, Holland 17th April

This blog has been written by Kesha Pullum.

On Friday we headed up to Holland, arriving in Mijdrecht around 9pm. I had completed knitting my second sock and was very proud of it (still am.)

After spending all day in the van we were delighted to run and skip and dance to the town square for a small feast.

After 14 hours in the van

The following morning we met the organisers and set up in the square. They were lovely and the set-up went smoothly. Ahem. Apart from the fact that we had somehow forgotten to pack the *new* collapsing ladder legs.

The Main Square where we performed

Luckily we had a couple of spare hours and Mr Simon Pullum, who cycled back and forth from the hardware shop making a new set. He is getting VERY good at making ladders that fall apart.
I think he likes being busy really and he did get to see a super cute duck family on their audacious commute across a busy road.

We had a very nice and responsive audience which made performing particularly enjoyable, despite the heat (which to be fair, made the removal of my face paint quicker than usual).

After a rest, and a marvel at a little classic car who’s interior had been fashioned into a fish tank, we took down the set and headed back to the hotel for a much needed wash before dinner.

Holland is very beautiful, and yeah really flat. I enjoyed gazing across miles of landscape broken up only by trees and windmills, on the first leg of our journey home this morning.

The people we met were also really welcoming and I liked them a lot.

Some of the wonderful crew

Glastonbury next.

The very important mark on the ground

Lochlann setting up

Finbar setting up

Kesha setting up

Simon setting up