We have various different stilt walk about character available for booking.

If you want to commission some specific characters for you even then give us a ring.

THE BASH STREET BOBBIES – a stilt walkabout

These socially-distanced, old-fashioned, Covid-conforming constables will patrol your designated area and they’re guaranteed to put a smile on your face. They are brilliant at directing the traffic – buses, cars, bicycles, pedestrians, pushchairs, shopping trolleys and toddlers!

They make an arresting site handing out parking tickets and speeding fines to unsuspecting members of the public, and they have even been known to juggle and clean shop windows!

The Bash Street Bobbies are a great walkabout act for festivals, shopping centres, high streets, corporate events… in fact, great fun in just about any situation.

THE RIGHT ROYAL GUARDS – a stilt walkabout

High Security for High Society

Our very tall and very British guardsmen will raise a smile and keep everything in order for a variety of right royal occasions.

Off-duty from The Palace, they can act as consorts, bodyguards or high security patrolmen for any event which requires a ‘touch of class’ (but not too much!).

THE CREATURES– a stilt walkabout

Stick insects…ghosts…invaders from another planet…these are just some of the names conjured-up by members of the public in reaction to this weird and wonderful stilt-walkabout show.

These socially-distanced stilt ‘Creatures’ certainly turn heads and amaze onlookers as they explore, interact (from a two-metre distance) and are as amazed as they are amazing.

These masked and silent ‘Creatures’ have been a great success at festivals of all kinds, and have also performed in shopping centres to great effect.


Basic Technical Requirements

  • Access to performing area for unloading with parking facilities
  • Clean dressing room close to performing area with light refreshments
  • Set-up time: 30 minutes