THE CAMERAMAN – a new outdoor show for 2021

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In 2021 Bash Street Theatre will be 30 years old and the company is planning a new and exciting show to celebrate this event. 

Set ‘sometime in the future’, a jaded newspaper hack looks back on his early career as a young reporter in the 2020s – the days of fake news, global pandemics and mass extinction. 
The storyline (to be devised by the performers and director during the rehearsals) will follow the fortunes of a cameraman who inadvertently becomes both the main witness and also chief suspect in a high-stakes, international robbery. 

With a voice-over narration and live musical accompaniment, including piano and accordion, four performers will play a multitude of characters in a playful homage to the film-noir genre. With influences as diverse as Tintin, Roger Rabbit, Humphrey Bogart and Buster Keaton, our aim is to present a comic, but essentially hopeful, commentary on the current crisis from a future point of view.

This show will be touring outdoors throughout the summer of 2021.

If you are interested in booking this show then please contact us now. This will support our grant application to Arts Council England.

Basic Technical Requirements
• Performance fee plus travel, accommodation and subsistence.
• Level performing area of 14m x 10m, with a height of at least 7m.
• Access to performing area for unloading, and parking facilities beside the set.
• Access to mains electricity power supply two hours before and after the performance.
• Safety barriers to be supplied by the promoter to secure the area.
• At least one steward to be supplied by the promoter.
• Show running time 50 minutes approx.
• Get-in time is 3 hours.
• Get-out time is 2 hours.
• We have public liability insurance (Indemnity £10,000,000).