Kitty Kat Revenge 1997 – 1998

This archive video is a performance of Kitty Kat’s Revenge dating back to 1998, when we were still calling ourselves the Bash Street Kids.

It was filmed at the Festival des Arts dans la Rue in Morlaix Brittany, where we gave our very first performance in 1991. This was our third visit to the festival, where we were always given a warm welcome.

Miranda did a fantastic job taking over her role and performing several times as the Catwoman, villain of the show.

Background Information

Our favourite moment, though, came towards the end of the show – and this was Russell’s impressive acrobatics, after leaping from a wooden box where he had been captive for the best part of 15 minutes – now, that’s dedication to the outdoor arts.

The French audience was both bemused and amused at the silliness of the Kitty Kat show – but they joined in, loved it and thought it was typically English!

At this time, we were still very much a circus-theatre troupe, giving two performances daily throughout the summer months in our Circus Tent at Land’s End, but still touring in the UK and France at every opportunity.  We did not perform on Fridays and Saturdays at Land’s End (these were travel days for the holidaymakers) so we would often pack up the show on a Thursday evening, drive ‘up country’ to perform at a UK festival and arrive back at Land’s End in time for the Sunday show in the tent!

The show included juggling, stilt walking, unicycling, tightrope walking and acrobatics at every opportunity.

The rough storyline for the Kitty Kat show dated back to 1995 when we first involved a member of the audience winning the Lottery jackpot.

This idea was developed the following year with a storyline involving a comic-strip villain called Sharkman and a plot to blow up the World!

Tourlist 1997

Oxford Fun Day
Trengwainton Day, Cornwall
Reading Festival
Pontypridd Festival
Coventry Festival
Glamorgan Festival
Golowan Festival, Cornwall
Glastonbury Festival
Exeter Festival
Stafford Festival
Hebden Bridge Festival
Kidlington Festival
Paignton Children’s Festival
Bicester Festival
Cardiff Children’s Festival
Gosport Festival
Rushden Festival
Portsmouth Summer Festival
Bodmin Festival, Cornwall

Summer season of work at Land’s End, Cornwall with our Little Big Top.

Tourlist 1998

Du Maurier Festival, Cornwall
Manchester Festival
Bedford Festival
Shropshire Live
Jersey Festival
St Jean de la Ruelle, France
Stafford Festival
Golowan Festival, Cornwall
Exeter Festival
Bodmin Festival, Cornwall
Newark Festival
Glamorgan Festival
Falmouth Tall Ships, Cornwall
Les Arts dans la Rue, Morlaix, France
Les Jeudis du Port, Brest, France
St Brieuc, France
Dawlish Festival
Gosport Festival
Aylesbury Festival
Glamorgan Festival
Heligan Gardens, Cornwall
Aberdeen Festival
Stroud Festival

Summer season of work at Land’s End, Cornwall with out Little Big Top.

Production Information

Artistic Directors Simon Pullum and JoJo Pickering

Directed by

Written by Simon Pullum and Gavin

Produced by Simon Pullum and JoJo Pickering

Music composed by Mike Rollings

Designer Helen Tiley

Simon Pullum
JoJo Pickering
Russell Hurd

Live Music Played by
Mike Rolling

Year of creation 1997

Toured 1997 to 1998