We’ve been flexing our muscles, limbering up and getting into training with some preview performances of our new street theatre show, THE STRONGMAN, ready to launch our summer season with a trip to Romania at the beginning of June.

With the Olympic Games looming, it might look like we’re cashing in on the sporting theme, but our Strongman is very much of the old fashioned, travelling circus variety. In fact, sadly we have to report that our Strongman has died and if a replacement cannot be found then his female assistant will be left homeless and destitute.  Will she find someone strong enough to take The Strongman’s place?  Come along and find out!

THE STRONGMAN rehearsals started in France with a 10-day residency at Le Fourneau, creation centre in Brest. Here we had the help of an outside director, the wonderful Fabrice Bisson, from the French street theatre company Joe Sature et ses Joyeux Osselets.  We also had the support of the Le Fourneau staff and technicians who were all helpful, encouraging and just fantastic in every way.  We had a brilliant ten days that ended with a ‘work-in-progress’ show for a local community centre that was very well received.

THE STRONGMAN will have its premier performance at the Masca Theatre Festival in Bucharest. After that we visit the friendly Tête-à-Tête festival in Rastatt, Germany before returning to the UK to perform a seven-day engagement at Tatershall Castle in Lincolnshire, and then on to one of our commissioning festivals, the SO Festival in Skegness, at the end of June.

After that we are back in Germany with shows in Hagen, Heppenheim and then five days at the Tollwood Festival in Munich, with a few further dates in France on the way back.

August and September will see us closer to home, with performances at our other commissioning festivals, Waterford Spraoi in Ireland; Watch This Space, at the National Theatre; Devizes International Street Festival and MintFest in Cumbria. Our thanks to all concerned for their support.

THE STRONGMAN also been selected as one of the official shows for the London 2012 Festival with performances in eight boroughs across the city in July and August.

Bucharest, Munich, London – it’s going to be a capital year!

Date Place Show
23 Botcheston Village Hall, Leicestershire, UK THE LION TAMER
24 Thurgaton Village Hall, Notts, UK THE LION TAMER
25 St Paul’s Baptist Church Hall, Skegness, UK THE LION TAMER
26 Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall, Leicestershire, UK THE LION TAMER
29 Thomas Cranmer Centre, Main Street, Aslockton, Notts, UK THE LION TAMER
1 Worcester Arts Workshop, Worcestershire, UK THE LION TAMER
2 Alfrick and Lulsley Village Hall, Worcestershire, UK THE LION TAMER
3 Edingale Village Hall, Staffordshire, UK THE LION TAMER
4 Bedworth Arts Centre, Warwick, UK THE LION TAMER
28 Trevithick Day, Camborne, Cornwall THE STRONGMAN
6 Plen-An-Gwary, St. Just, Cornwall, UK THE STRONGMAN
20 Dracaena Centre, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK THE STRONGMAN
2-3 Masca Theatre Festival, Bucharest, Romania THE STRONGMAN
6-10 Tete-a-Tete Festival, Rastatt, Germany THE STRONGMAN
22-24 Tattershall Castle, Lincolnshire, UK THE STRONGMAN
26-29 Tattershall Castle, Lincolnshire, UK THE STRONGMAN
30 SO Festival, Skegness, Lincolnshire, UK THE STRONGMAN
1 SO Festival, Skegness, Lincolnshire, UK THE STRONGMAN
5 Hagen, Germany THE STRONGMAN
7 Villers Cotterets, France THE STRONGMAN
11-12 Heppenheim, Germany THE STRONGMAN
14-18 Tollwood Festival, Munich, Germany THE STRONGMAN
21 Le Treport, France THE STRONGMAN
23 London Olympics, Sutton, London, UK THE STRONGMAN
4-5 Waterford Spraoi, Rep of Ireland THE STRONGMAN
7-8 Watch This Space Festival, National Theatre, London, UK THE STRONGMAN
9 Les Jeudis du Port, Brest, France THE STRONGMAN
11 London Olympics, Lewisham, London, UK THE STRONGMAN
12 London Olympics,Victoria Park, London, UK THE STRONGMAN
18 London Olympics,Hounslow, London, UK THE STRONGMAN
19 London Olympics, London THE STRONGMAN
23 London Olympics, King’s Boulevard/Granary Square, Kings Cross, London, UK THE STRONGMAN
25 London Olympics, Waltham Forest, London, UK THE STRONGMAN
26 London Olympics,Tottenham Green Leisure Centre, Haringey, London, UK THE STRONGMAN
27 Devizes International Street Festival, UK THE STRONGMAN
28 Penlee Park Open Air Theatre, Penzance, UK THE STRONGMAN
1-2 Mintfest 2012, Kendal, Cumbria, UK THE STRONGMAN
17-18 Sofia Puppet Festival, Bulgaria THE STRONGMAN
29 Essex Street Diversions THE STRONGMAN
18-20 Cairo International Circus Festival, Egypt THE CREATURES