About Us

Bash Street is a small independent theatre company founded 27 years ago by partners, Simon Pullum and JoJo Pickering.

Based in Penzance, Cornwall, we have built an international reputation performing fast-moving, silent-comedy, street theatre shows, with live musical accompaniment.

Since our first performance, in Morlaix, France in 1991, we have created more than 25 different productions and toured to major festivals throughout the UK and 22 other European countries, as well as in Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea.

Simon Pullum – company director, writer and performer
Simon trained as a journalist before joining Cornwall Theatre Company, touring throughout the UK. Later, he co-founded Jo’s Jungle Band street theatre group, developing his musical and circus skills.
Since founding the company with JoJo in 1991, Simon has written and performed in every Bash Street show at festivals throughout the UK, Europe, and the Far East.
His skills include tightrope walking, unicycling, juggling, stilt walking, and playing the violin.

JoJo Pickering – performer and company director                                                                                                     JoJo is one of the two founding partners of the company and is jointly responsible for managing, as well as performing with the company. She teamed up with Simon to perform at the Festival des Arts dans la Rue at Morlaix in France, and Bash Street Theatre was formed.
Jojo travelled with her parents as a child, and had sailed halfway around the world before the age of six. She lived in Spain, and also America, before moving to Cornwall in 1986.
Her artistic background is in dance, studying contemporary jazz ballet under Deloris Perlmutter and Charles Organ. She has an MBA in business management.

Lochlann Pickering – musician
Lochlann first started performing with the company as a stiltwalker in The Creatures, then as a magician in The Last Illusion and more recently as our musician in The Lion Tamer and CLIFFHANGER! Lochlann spent a year studying Performing Arts at Circomedia in Bristol before joining Truro College in Cornwall to study Music. He is currently touring as piano player in both The Strongman and Bellevue Hotel.

Kesha Pullum – performer
Kesha is the founder of Disparu Theatre, a street theatre company based in Redruth, performing as an acrobat, stiltwalker and unicyclist. The Strongman is her third show with Bash Street Theatre, having also performed in CLIFFHANGER! and as a stiltwalker in The Creatures. Kesha, who also plays violin and accordion, is currently studying Contemporary Circus at Circomedia in Bristol, and is planning further training at a French circus school.

Willum Tiley – performer
Willum is continuing a family tradition because his father and mother both worked for the company for many years, as performer and designer respectively, contributing hugely to the formative years of Bash Street Theatre. Willum qualified as a blacksmith in Hereford, before returning to Cornwall in 2016 to join Disparu Theatre, and he is currently studying Contemporary Circus at Circomedia in Bristol. This is his second Bash Street show, having first joined us on tour with The Lion Tamer.