THE STRONGMAN – revived, revised and back on the road.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let us take you back to the golden age of the silver screen, when heroes were heroes, villains were villains and true love always prevailed. There’s excitement…there’s danger…and a real-live piano player. So gather round to cheer the heroes, boo the villains, and enjoy some old-fashioned musical entertainment.

Recently revived and revised with three new performers, THE STRONGMAN is a black-and-white, street theatre show with acrobatic circus skills, silent comedy and live music. This show has already toured with great success in Europe and the UK, and is back on tour by popular demand.

The story involves an old style travelling circus that has lost its headline act. The crooked Boss is looking for new talent and the young circus girl will be forced to quit if she doesn’t find a new Strongman. A down-at-heel traveller arrives and he’s looking for a job. What could possibly go wrong?

Set around two circus wagons, a fence and a lamp post, the show is ideal for all ages, lasts approximately 50 minutes, and can be performed in the evening or daytime.

STRONGMAN 2020 information file

Basic Technical Requirements
• Performance fee plus travel, accommodation and subsistence.
• Level performing area of 14m x 10m, with a height of at least 7m.
• Access to performing area for unloading, and parking facilities beside the set.
• Access to mains electricity power supply two hours before and after the performance.
• Maximum of 24 meters of safety barriers to be supplied by the promoter (less if we back onto a secure area).
• At least one steward to be supplied by the promoter.
• Show running time 50 minutes approx.
• Get-in time is 3 hours.
• Get-out time is 2 hours.
• We have public liability insurance (Indemnity £10,000,000).

The Strongman was originally funded by Arts Council England and commissioned by:
Devizes International Street Festival
Le Fourneau – Centre National des Arts de la Rue
Mintfest, Kendal
National Theatre ‘Watch this Space’ London
SO Festival, Skegness
Waterford Spraio, Ireland

Artistic Directors JoJo Pickering and Simon Pullum

Directed by Fabrice Bisson

Set Design by Simon Pullum and Helen Tiley

Music Composed by Seamas Carey and Julian Gaskell