Yachting Monthly July 2017

We took some time out to go on a  sailing adventure to the Caribbean and back with our boys.
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Sailing Adventure

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Excitement was growing as we got closer and closer to home. Then on the 7th July, 2016 at about 6am we sighted Bishops Rock lighthouse and land – the Isles of Scilly. We had travelled over 9,000 nautical miles and visited wonderful places since leaving in August 2014. It was fantastic to see the Cornish coastline again, sailing into Mounts Bay. We lowered the sails, motored into Penzance harbour, and moored up. Within a very short space of time, we had gathered some essentials (including a bottle of bubbly) shut the hatch and were walking up the hill to our house – in the dark, in the pouring rain and still in our oilskins! It was very strange to be back.

Our big family adventure started in 2011 when the call back to the sea became too strong to deny. We had visited some old friends who took us sailing, and our two sons, Finbar and Lochlann (then aged 12 and 10 years) immediately began persuading my husband, Simon, that we should go on our own sailing adventure – to sail to the south of Spain then across to the Caribbean! Up until that time, Simon’s only sailing experience had been dinghy sailing in the Thames Estuary at the age of 13.

Sailing Adventure

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