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Set in a dilapidated railway station in the age of steam locomotives, THE STATION is a new, hour-long, silent show from Bash Street Theatre. This show was commissioned by eight festivals and funded by Arts Council England in 2008 - it is now available for booking by all festivals.

Be prepared for a dramatic train crash, a dare-devil rescue and some great comedy action from this award-winning street theatre company.

The story involves a gang of art thieves who are on the search for a stolen masterpiece that has been delivered to a remote railway station. The situation becomes further confused by the arrival of a band of musicians for a Grand Concert to be given that night. The station staff, of course, set out to make sure that all 'lost property' is returned to its rightful owner.

THE STATION combines physical theatre and silent movie stunts with live music, performed on the accordion. The show has already attracted bookings from festivals in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, and Poland for the summer of 2009.

"A wild, locomotive ride of energy and excitement. Visually delightful, full of screwball comedy, rollicking romance, madcap mishaps and great special effects - a real railroad romp!"
Angus MacKechnie, National Theatre

"Brave and talented...hugely entertaining...superb was non-stop acrobatic fun."
The Western Morning News

"Superbly executed, full of slapstick, entertainment and fun. The audience LOVED it. A great show for any age."
Mhairi Smith, Gloucester Festival

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Technical requirements
Level performing area of 15m x 10m, with a height of at least 7m.
Access to performing area for unloading with parking facilities.
Close access to 240-volt electricity power supply.
Length of performance: 60 minutes approx.
Set-up time: Three hours.

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