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  • The Cameraman Bash Street Theatre new show for 2021

THE CAMERAMAN – a new musical comedy adventure for all ages

Set around the seedy French Cafe du Pont, this is a playful homage to the film-noir genre. There are songs, excitement and silent comedy as the storyline follows the fortunes of an inept cameraman who inadvertently becomes involved in the theft of the World’s Largest Diamond.

THE RAVIOLI BROTHERS – a unicycling street show

Three gangsters are on the run with a stash of money that they have inadvertently stolen from the Mafia…and they've got to get away fast! In fact their 'getaway' takes about 40 minutes, causing explosive mayhem, as they bribe the audience with counterfeit money to assist them in their escapade.

THE BATTLING BUTLERS – a new show for 2023

Using a unique blend of physical theatre, circus skills, original songs and live music, The Battling Butlers is a study in role-reversal and the inevitability of change, as the old order makes way for the new.

Based in Penzance in Cornwall, Bash Street Theatre has built an international reputation performing fast-moving, silent-comedy shows with live musical accompaniment.

Since their first performance in Morlaix, France in 1991, partners and co-founders JoJo Pickering and Simon Pullum have created 25 different productions and performed at major festivals in more than 20 European countries, as well as in Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea.

On the eve of our 30th anniversary year (in 2021) Bash Street Theatre has become even more of a family affair, with two of our younger generation joining the company – our son Lochlann Pickering and our niece Kesha Pullum – enabling us to rehearse together in spite of Covid19. We were thus one of the first outdoor theatre companies in the UK to perform again after the first lockdown,  starting at the spectacular Minack Theatre in Cornwall.

Our silent-movie show CLIFFHANGER! was awarded the ‘Best Street Show’ prize at Fira de Teatre, in Tàrrega, Spain.


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