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In 2021 Bash Street Theatre celebrated 30 years of touring outdoor theatre shows.

During this time, we have created 25 different shows, performing to an estimated 350,000 people in 30 different countries throughout Europe and beyond.

During the Covid lockdown periods we started working on this archive project.

Where we have videos of the shows these have been included on the relevant pages. We aimed to provide a short and full video of each show, unfortunately we don’t have good video of many of the early shows.

We have tryed very hard to get all the information about every show correct. If we have made any errors, or missed anybody out, then please let us know so that we can correct it.

We are currently repopulating this page because we had to rebuild the entire website with a different software. More content arriving soon.

We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Archive Short Videos

Bash Street 30th Anniversary Archive

Bash Street Lockdown

Bash Street Musicians

Simon Pullum 30 years

Jojo Pickering 30 years

In the beginning

Jo’s Jungle Band 1987-1991

In 1987, Simon co-founded Jo’s Jungle Band with his brother Matthew and other Shiva Theatre performers, combining folk music and clowning. This was when he developed his music and circus skills. Jo’s Jungle Band started performing at Land’s End tourist park in 1988, a contract that was inherited by Bash Street four years later and which provided an invaluable learning experience in outdoor performance.

First Show – Morlaix

We performed our first show on the 7th August 1991 in Morlaix Festival Les Arts dans la Rue.

The Christmas Party coming soon

The First Ten Years

1992 coming soon

Unicycle on Tightrope 1992

This was our Unicycle-on-a-Tightrope stunt on Mazey Day - Penzance’s very own midsummer festival which had been launched the year previously with great success, but which we had missed because of our adventures in Brittany.

1993 coming soon

1994 coming soon

Circus tent


Shizuoka Busking Festival, Japan 1995

Well, here we are in 1995 - JoJo, myself and Mike Rolling - at an international busking festival in Shizuoka in Japan, which was an ‘all-expenses paid’ four-day event. There was no fee, but we were still a very new company, so we were delighted to be invited...

1995 Shark Man coming soon

1996 coming soon

Kitty Kat Revenge 1997 – 1998

This archive video is a performance of Kitty Kat’s Revenge dating back to 1998, when we were still calling ourselves the Bash Street Kids.It was filmed at the Festival des Arts dans la Rue in Morlaix Brittany, where we gave our very first performance in 1991.

Hunchback coming soon

Mr Freeze and the Big Chill 1999 – 2001

A comic-strip action adventure, which underlines the need for us all to save energy around the home. This theme is designed to increase the awareness, in young people, of global warming and of the need to cut CO2 emissions.  This is an indoor show, designed especially for primary schools, with a simple story line of superheroes, villains, and a plot to destroy the World!

Pollutants coming soon

Enviromen coming soon

Mrs Mop coming soon

The Twenty First Century

Frankenstein 2004 – 2005

a comic tale of magic and adventure... Mary Shelley’s classic tale of creation and alienation is reworked in Bash Street’s inimitable style. Dr Frankenstein, a travelling showman, attempts to create a new exhibit for his ‘Freak Show’.With the help of his unsavoury assistants, Frankenstein gathers his ‘raw materials’, builds a life-giving machine (cue thunderbolts from the heavens) and succeeds in his misguided mission

The Station 2008 – 2011

Set in dilapidated railway station in the age of steam locomotives - Be prepared for a dramatic train crash, a dare-devil rescue and some great comedy action from this award-winning street theatre company.The story involves a gang of art thieves who are on the search for a stolen masterpiece that has been delivered to a remote railway station.

The lion tamer coming soon

Strongman 2012 – 2014 coming soon

Last illusion coming soon

Cliffhanger next generation coming soon

  • bash street theatre belle vue hotel

Bellevue Hotel 2017-2019

It’s set around a dilapidated, theatrical boarding house, and tells the story of the landlady’s battle with a gangster boss who’s taken over the ice cream premises next door. The gangster wants to buy her out, and gets nasty when she refuses. But her theatrical guests have some useful talents to deploy, and together they do battle with her nasty neighbour and his Demolition Men!

  • Bash Street Theatre-The Strongman

The Strongman 2020

Roll Up! Roll Up! The Strongman’s back in town!The story involves an old-style travelling circus - The Smallest Show on Earth - that has lost its only act. The crooked Boss tells the young circus girl that she will be forced to quit if she doesn't find a new Strongman.So when a down-at-heel traveller arrives looking for a job, things are bound to go wrong!

  • The Cameraman Bash Street Theatre new show for 2021

The Cameraman 2021-2022

Set around the seedy French Cafe du Pont, this is a playful homage to the film-noir genre. There are songs, excitement and silent comedy as the storyline follows the fortunes of an inept cameraman who inadvertently becomes involved in the theft of the World’s Largest Diamond.

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