Mr Freeze and the Big Chill 1999/2001 Schools’ Tour

A comic-strip action adventure, which underlines the need for us all to save energy around the home. This theme is designed to increase the awareness, in young people, of global warming and of the need to cut CO2 emissions.  This is an indoor show, designed especially for primary schools, with a simple story line of superheroes, villains, and a plot to destroy the World!

Some background info on Frankenstein

This was a very silly show but with a serious message – to make junior school children aware of the need to reduce energy consumption at home and at school.

It was a lovely idea from a progressive local council officer, who had given us the task of turning home energy efficiency into a fun topic for primary school children.

It was quite a challenge – how to make loft insulation and energy-saving light bulbs the talk of the classroom?

I’m not sure how well we succeeded, but it was a load of fun – for us and the school kids – and in fact, it became the first of three environmental shows we toured to schools and then also outdoor festivals over the next few years.

This show was filmed at Porthleven Primary School in Cornwall in 1999.

I’m sure none of the schools we visited knew what to expect – and quite possibly didn’t approve – what with dangerously close extra-tall unicycles, naked flames and explosions it was a health and safety nightmare! So, a big belated thank you to Robin Walker – that local council officer who gave us the Home Energy Action Taskforce.

The show was performed by Russell Hurd and myself, with Mike Rolling as narrator/musician. Mike’s role was taken over by Jim McCormack for the second tour of the show in late1999. JoJo was director.

1999 Tour
10 Primary Schools in Cornwall

2000 Tour
10 Primary Schools in Cornwall

Production Information

Funded by The

Artistic Directors Simon Pullum and JoJo Pickering

Directed by JoJo Pickering

Written by Simon Pullum

Produced by Simon Pullum

Music composed by Mike Rolling then Jim McCormack

Designer Helen Tiley

Simon Pullum
Russell Hurd

Live Music Played by
Mike Rolling 1999
Jim McCormack 2000

Year of creation 1999

Toured 1999 – 2001