Home from the sea and straight into another CLIFFHANGER! – it’s a family affair.

We didn’t mean to go to sea for quite so long (nearly two years in fact) but having returned from our Caribbean adventure only a few weeks ago we immediately found ourselves embroiled in yet another silent-movie caper.

Having fulfilled one ambition, of sailing across the Atlantic and back, our two teenaged sons quickly set about fulfilling another – that of us all performing together in their favourite Bash Street show.

So within days of reaching terra firma, the new-look Bash Street Theatre was back in rehearsal, busily revising its most popular show CLIFFHANGER! – a real-life silent-movie, and it’s truly a family affair.

The new show, which recently made its debut at Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall, features Lochlann on piano, with his brother Finbar and cousin Kesha performing alongside (mum and dad) JoJo and Simon.

With falling buildings, daredevil escapology, silent comedy and live music, the show tells the story of a love-sick waiter who gets mistaken for an escaped convict as he tries to rescue his kidnapped heroine.

CLIFFHANGER! is inspired by a Buster Keaton short film “Convict 13”and harks back to “the golden age of the silver screen”, when heroes were heroes, villains were villains…and true love always prevailed.

For the first time since 2011 we are performing CLIFFHANGER! at selected venues.

29-31 Port Eliot Festival, Cornwall CLIFFHANGER!
13-14 Holifair, Gweek, Cornwall CLIFFHANGER!
17 Torbay Children’s Week, Devon CLIFFHANGER!
 19-21 Just So Festival, Cheshire CLIFFHANGER!