Tour List 2019

It’s time to get rid of the tough guys…

We’ve had enough of Trump and Putin, Boris and Bolsonaro – we have our very own Strongman, and he’s on his way back!

The real world is getting far too depressing right now, but we’re determined not to get down about it. No, we’re going back in time, to the golden age of the silver screen, when “Heroes were heroes, villains were villains, and true love always prevailed.” When the bad guys got what they deserved (instead of being impeached or given knighthoods) and there was a sense of justice in the world.

We are in the process of reworking and reviving a thoroughly old-fashioned piece of nostalgic entertainment – our black-and-white, silent movie-style production, THE STRONGMAN and welcoming three new, young performers to the show.

BELLEVUE HOTEL is not still very much open for business  with a forthcoming trip to Turkey in March.

Despite what may or may not happen on October 31st we’re determined NOT to give up on the EU…we just hope the EU doesn’t give up on us.

DatePlaceInformation Show
22Belle Square LondonFree EventBellevue Hotel
28-30Glastonbury Festival 2019Ticketed FestivalBellevue Hotel
4-7ViaThea, Gorlitz, GermanyFree EventBellevue Hotel
12Locmaria Berrien, FranceFree EventBellevue Hotel
Benington lordship Chilli FestivalTicketed FestivalBellevue Hotel